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  2017 Car Requirements

Flexx service categories each have a different set of vehicle requirements. Flexx Standard is the most used service. You can use any 4-door vehicle year 2005 or newer, while our Flexx Luxury service only accepts certain vehicles based on the needs of our clients.

Every Flexx driver, regardless of the category, must meet these requirements:

You must be 18 years of age or older.

You must have 3 years driving experience.

You must have an in-state Driver’s License (depending on your state).

You must have a clean driving record.

You must pass a background check.

Here are the Flexx car requirements for each car service in 2017

Flexx Standard Car Requirements:

4-door sedan, must fit 4 passengers excluding the driver

Year 2005 or newer*

In-state car insurance

In-state plates

Current car registration

5 functional seat belts, working A/C & Heat

Flexx XL Car Requirements:

4-door, must seat 6 passengers including the driver

Year 2006 or newer

In-state car insurance

In-state plates

Current car registration

Fully functional seat belts for both the driver and all passengers

Flexx Luxury car requirements:

You will be provided with commercial insurance, a TCP, and an airport placard (if applicable)

Your vehicle also must meet this criteria:

Great condition

Comfortably seats 4+ passengers

Four doors

2010 or newer

High end sedans or luxury SUV's only

Have leather seats/interior

Have at least 5 functional seat belts


Flexx Luxury approved vehicles:

Audi: A8

BMW: 7 Series

Hyundai: Genesis

Jaguar: XJ, XF

Land Rover: Range Rover

Lexus: LS

Mercedes-Benz: S-Class, G-Class, E- Class

Porsche: Panamera

Tesla: Model S

Bentley: All 4-door

Maybach: All 4-door

Rolls Royce: All 4-door

Flexx VIP

2012 or newer top-tier luxury vehicle

Carry at least 4 passengers and have 4 doors

Leather interior 

Must have at least 5 properly functioning seat belts

Drivers must be 21+ years old (with at least 3 years of U.S. driving history)

Who Founded Flexx and when?

Flexx was founded in 2011 by Kenshell Jones, it was first a bus company that transported passengers from Miami to New York and back. In 2013, Kenshell decided that she would do tour cabbies for Disney World passengers, in 2014, Flexx was converted into a successful rideshare company. Since then, Flexx has expanded to 11 different states.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reasons for deactivation from the Flexx platform?

Safety Issues:

Putting a Passengers or Your own Safety at risk

-Driving under the influence

-Molesting, Harassing, and or Discrimination


If your ratings fall below 4.0, you will get a Warning

Fall below 3.5 you will be deactivated

You can pay to take a customer service class and be reinstated

Promoting Competitors Services or Your Own:

You cannot promote other rideshare companies. That is conflict of interest,

this means that you cannot have a passenger onboard and solicit them to ride for other companies

but you may drive for whomever you choose, there is no restriction there

Background Checks:

Flexx has reserved the right to complete random background checks

Low Acceptance/High Cancellation Rates:

Acceptance rate is ideally at 100%, under 40% will cause for a warning

High Cancellations are totally unacceptable

Passengers in Vehicle:

No one should be in your unit unless it's your passenger/s. Immediate deactivation.

Multiple Vehicles:

You must add your vehicles, you are not allowed to drive unauthorized vehicles.

To add additional vehicles e-mail helpdesk: [email protected]

How much would I make for referring a driver?

These bonuses vary. You will be notified of up and coming amounts

When do I get paid?

Direct deposit is available on Friday's, the week goes from

Wednesday to Wednesday

Can I accept cash for a ride?

No cash can be accepted at ANY time, doing so 

will get you deactivated immediately


If any documents are up for renewal you will be suspended until renewed

What is TNC and how does the insurance work?

TNC driver status is broken down into 3 different periods:

1.Application On. You(as the driver) are available but has not accepted a ride request on the TNC's digital network.

2.Dispatched. The driver has connected with a paying passenger and is on the way to pick them up.

3. Transporting. A paying passenger occupies the driver's vehicle.

The TNC endorsement extends your coverage that would normally be excluded in a "driving for hire" situation only if you use the vehicle for a TNC on a part-time basis. This endorsement extends your liability coverage during period 1 only. (Typically the TNC provides a limited amount of coverage during period 1 and $1 million during 2 & 3) It also extends Medical Payments Coverage and Physical Damage coverage to the named insured and household relatives during all 3 periods. Medical Payments and Uninsured Motorists coverage do not extend to TNC passengers.

The TNC endorsement is basically coverage that fills in the gap between a regular State Farm private passenger policy and the TNC's coverage.

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